Metromile Enterprise Integrates Dwolla to Automate Insurance Claims Payments

Insurers can offer digital, real-time payments to resolve claims more quickly and accurately

SAN FRANCISCO and DES MOINES, Iowa, Sept. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Metromile Enterprise Solutions, LLC the cloud-based technology platform used by global property and casualty insurers to automate insurance claims, today announced an integration with Dwolla, a modern payments platform, into its no-code claims automation platform Metromile STREAMLINE.

With Metromile STREAMLINE and Dwolla, insurers worldwide can offer digital claims payments, including Real-time Payments via the RTP® Network, Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers via the ACH Network or Push-to-Debit disbursements, helping to resolve claims more quickly and accurately.

Insurers can improve their customer experience, employee efficiency and reduce loss adjustment expenses by adopting digital payments. More than three out of four insurance claims are paid by paper checks, which can lead to delays as long as seven or more additional days and transaction costs ten times higher than digital payments.

“The majority of consumers want digital payments to receive their much-needed funds sooner, but many insurers cannot meet these needs with their current technology and processes. Our integration of Dwolla into Metromile STREAMLINE empowers insurers to provide multiple payment options and modernize their claims experience with greater efficiency and flexibility,” said Metromile Enterprise General Manager Amrish Singh.

Insurers and other companies are choosing Dwolla’s payment platform to seamlessly send payments programmatically. A single integration with Dwolla’s application programming interface (API), can give businesses the flexibility to initiate transfers across multiple payment methods, including ACH, Push-to-Debit and Real-Time Payment transfers for an ideal experience and more affordable cost.

“Our partnership with Metromile is a win-win for both the policyholder and the insurer,” says Dave Glaser, Dwolla’s President and COO. “Because we are so accustomed to digital interactions, archaic processes such as waiting for a check really stand out. Especially during time sensitive situations, being able to digitally transfer payments is not only more timely—it’s more affordable. Both sides of the transaction win with our partnership.”

Metromile STREAMLINE uses sophisticated data science modeling to reduce repetitive tasks done by claims adjusters and handlers so that they can spend more time providing service for claimants and customers with more complex needs.

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About Metromile
Metromile (NASDAQ: MILE, MILEW) is a leading digital insurance platform in the United States. With data science as its foundation, Metromile offers real-time, personalized auto insurance policies by the mile instead of the industry’s reliance on approximations that have historically made prices unfair. Metromile’s digitally native offering is built around the modern driver’s needs, featuring automated claims, complimentary smart driving features and annual average savings of 47% over what they were paying their previous auto insurer.

In addition, through Metromile Enterprise, it licenses its technology platform to insurance companies around the world. This cloud-based software as a service enables carriers to operate with greater efficiency, automate claims to expedite resolution, reduce losses associated with fraud, and unlock the productivity of employees.

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About Dwolla
Dwolla, Inc. is a fintech company helping innovative organizations digitally transform their payments. Dwolla's robust platform and low-code API simplifies the complex process of integrating with the various payment networks. Since 2016, businesses have white-labeled Dwolla's modern payment technology to program payments in real time, the same day or to a debit card. Today, the most innovative companies are programming their payments with Dwolla—or they should be.

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